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On Your First Visit



Your acupuncturist will spend about an hour and a half with you on your first visit. Time will be spent reviewing your medical history, learning about your goals for treatment and exploring physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors that may be affecting your health. A diagnosis will be formed from the Chinese medical perspective, questions will be answered, recommendations may be given, and you will be treated with acupuncture, herbs, or a combination of the two.

Please be sure to eat prior to your first treatment — a light meal is best. Special clothing is not necessary but you may prefer to wear something that is loose and comfortable. Please download the intake form for your practitioner (see below) and bring it to your visit, or arrive 10 minutes early to complete the paperwork at the clinic. If you think you have insurance coverage for your visit, please read our insurance section.

You will receive more benefit from your treatment if you are not extremely active after your visit and if you avoid any activities that aggravate your condition.

Office Info

Telephone: 425-557-9519
Fax: 425-557-0595

120 1st AVE NW
Issaquah, WA 98027

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Some forms you may find useful:


Insurance coverage

Many insurance companies provide coverage for acupuncture, however, Chinese herbal medicine is not typically covered. Please contact your insurance plan directly to verify your benefits prior to your first visit, as you are responsible for any charges they do not cover. Below is a list of questions we advise you to ask them.

  1. Do I have acupuncture coverage on my plan?
  2. Are there restrictions as to what type of provider can perform these services? (Some plans will only cover acupuncture performed by an M. D.)
  3. Do I need a referral?
  4. Is there a limit to the number of visits per year?
  5. Do you cover acupuncture for my particular condition? (Some plans will only cover pain, for example, and plans rarely cover acupuncture for infertility)
  6. What is my copay?
  7. Is the benefit combined with any other benefit?
  8. Is my coverage subject to an annual deductible and has this deductible been met?

We will bill your insurance company directly if we have a contract with that company. For all others, patients are asked to pay at the time of service, and are given paperwork to submit the claim to their insurance company on their own for reimbursement.

  • For a list of insurance companies with whom Christina Jackson is contracted, click here.
  • For a list of insurance companies with whom Sue Foss is contracted, click here.

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